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English language curriculum and content - 21st Century Pedagogy from SAA, providing online courses to help you build a single lifelong transcript of education and skills.

Over the course of between 2 and 52 weeks, SAA can provide you with the knowledge and experience necessary to implement deep learning in education and complete your 21st Century microdegree program.

This course is designed to help teachers develop grammar mechanics, reading, writing, listening and comprehension skills.

In addition, teachers will have the opportunity to learn across the curriculum as key vocabulary in this course includes words relevant to Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Arts, and can help establish an educational glossary.

Course topics include: Word Analogies, Comprehension of Literary Text, Elements of Story, Analyse and Compare Key Subjects in Different Medium, and Oral and Written Conventions including instruction on proper style formatting following the Modern Language Association Chicago Manual of Style.



 Beginners & Elementary

This course is designed for those who are only beginning on the road towards English proficiency Pre A1, A1 & A2 for teaching subjects in English.

The goal is to equip non-native English speaking teachers with all the necessary grammar, reading, writing, listening and comprehension skills that are needed for progression to B1 Level.

Aimed at teachers with nonexistent or limited knowledge of the language, the course is taught through a variety of methods including online and blended learning.

 English for Professional Teachers

This Course is aimed at non-native English speaking teachers with intermediate English Language proficiency B1 – B2.

The goal of this course is to improve pre-existing language skills, including grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and comprehension in order to achieve a minimum 5.5 IELTS in a short period of time.

This course will allow you to achieve the level of english necessary to gain essential 21st Century Pedagogy skills and curriculum content that can be effectively applied in your classroom immediately. The outcome of the course will be IELTS and SAA Qualified Teacher’s certificates that would allow to teach subjects in English

 IELTS Test Preparation

This course is designed for non-native English speaking teachers with pre – intermediate or higher English language proficiency A2 – B2.

The goal of this intensive IELTS preparation course is to improve on the existing knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and to develop IELTS relevant skills and techniques in a short period of time.

The course will greatly improve your performance in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections of the test ensuring you successfully achieve a high IELTS score.

The minimum of an 8 week intensive course is recommended.

 SAA Qualified Teacher Test

This SAA Qualified online Olympiad test will allow you to assess your English language skills and gain understanding of the structure of the international online Olympiad – a vital part of the SAA Curriculum.

The goal is to be prepared to help students of all ages and levels to achieve great results in the International Olympiad. Taking the test will give you a chance to develop your own pedagogical strategies for successful completion of the Olympiad to apply in your classroom, such as time management and reading techniques.

As a result of this testing you will acquire in-demand skills, gain the SAA qualified teachers status, and accelerate your career!